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We Sure Do Love Those Three Letter Acronyms.

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If you have spent any time at all in the trucking industry you are well aware of the love affair with three letter acronyms (e.g. BOL, FOB, EIN, DOT and so on). When it comes to the parts and service side of the industry it is no different. I have compiled a list of the most common acronyms and what they stand for. Keep in mind this not a comprehensive list but a quick reference for those who may be wondering.

DPF- Diesel Particulate Filter

DOC- Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

SCR- Selective Catalytic Reduction

EGR- Exhaust Recirculating Valve

ABS- Anti-locking Braking System

DEF- Diesel Exhaust Fluid

ECM- Engine Control Module

VECU- Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (I know, I know. This one if four letters)

TCS- Traction Control System

LED- Light Emitting Diode

LCM- Light Control Module

NOX- Nitrogen Oxide Sensor

*Notice the amount of acronyms that apply to the exhaust and emissions system. Only a few of these existed in the truck industry ten years ago. This shows where the focus of the industry has been over the past decade.

  • DPF
  • DOC
  • SCR
  • EGR
  • ABS
  • DEF
  • ECM
  • VECU
  • TCS
  • LED
  • LCM
  • NOX
  • DOT

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